IAC-Star-OneThe IAC is a Pan-Arab charity which helps to alleviate suffering in any Arab country and promotes the standing of Arabs in the West. The charity’s principal aims are first and foremost to give relief to those in need, that is, humanitarian.  Our aims also include initiating and furthering educational programs, and promoting the richness of Arab culture.
We do this by:
  • initiating and supporting long-term projects
  • holding events and functions that promote Arab culture
  • holding lectures and talks relating to Arab issues as part of our educational program
  • supporting the Esmat Al-Said school dedicated to teaching the Arabic language to children
  • donating towards, or sponsoring projects initiated by individuals and organisations

Current Trustees:

Lubna Samara, Treasurer
Najwa Salfiti, Secretary
Selwa Kazwini, Public Relations
Kenza Dairi, Fundraising
Wafa Said, Educational Consultant